A 1st Century Approach For the 21st Century

Emphasizing building relationships over building a crowd

Imagine a church that is more concerned about ministry than mortgages

Let's emphasize disciple-making over crowd building.

By meeting in homes, our home meetings mirror the small group setting that Jesus used to train his disciples. There is a reason why He kept the main group to twelve people.

By meeting in homes, adults and teenagers are encouraged to be active learners, not passive listeners. The host is not a performer, but a facilitator in leading people to be a disciple. 

By meeting in homes, more funds go towards community service projects, and providing support for missionaries around the world.

By meeting in homes, the congregation stops being a critical audience and becomes a connected community.  

Cross Waves is lauded for its innovation for being a multi-site church uses homes as mini-campuses, which we find surprising since we are only doing church the way they did in the 1st Century that turned the world upside down (along with the addition of a TV).

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Start Small

Start with your family and get comfortable with the process and all the tools that Cross Waves provides.

Invite Your friends.

Invite others when you are comfortable with the Cross Waves process.

We Create Safe Environments To Talk About God and Faith

We all have friends and family that will not go to church on Sunday morning for a variety of reasons. However, these same people will talk about God and faith in a convenient and safe environment. That is why they may be open to an invitation to a casual meal and Bible discussion in a home setting. In a Cross Waves Home Group, your friends and family can ask difficult questions without feeling judgement.

People are searching for community, a place where they belong, and develop friendships where they are loved for who they are. At a Cross Waves Home Group, people experience what unconditional love looks like. This safe atmosphere allows people to be more open to listening to the Good News of Jesus Christ. In addition, they get to enjoy a good meal!

Now We're Blushing...


"What I like about Cross Waves is the fellowship around dinner and the intimate prayer time. I enjoy the Messages (practical to everyone's life - newer and older Christians can relate). I learn much through the discussion time. I have grown through the Share Events and Serve Events. The Cross Waves atmosphere is all-around a more intimate setting to grow closer to God with fellow believers." 


"We did our homework and really checked out Cross Waves Church, and loved the emphasis on the Bible and a mission to reach people for Christ. It may sound weird when you say come to my house to go to church, but all the people coming to our home were not going to church anywhere before coming to our weekly study. And we didn't have to do anything but make a meal. I love the authenticity of the people that are part of our Hotspot."


"I like Cross Waves because not only is the pastor Tim a blast, but I'm able to hear the word of God surrounded by others that are following the right path in life and I'm able to have an intellectual conversation about anything without the worries of being judged. I like Cross Waves because it feels like home and I'm with family. It's all in all a great experience all around."


"I love Cross Waves because it is simple. We don't deal with issues about getting the grass cut, what color is the carpet, or paying the eclectic bill, there is just no politics, we just deal with the gospel. I love how we deal with offerings at Cross Waves. Our funds don't go for maintenance of a building, I know my offerings are going into ministry."

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Each week, Cross Waves provides each HotSpot a talk concerning a Bible passage as Cross Waves teachers lead you on a journey through the Bible. 

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