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The early church devoted themselves to the apostles teaching (the Bible), fellowship, eating together, and prayer.

That is precisely what we do in our house churches.

Cross Waves Church At A Glance:

  • We believe discipleship happens through relationships, and house churches are the best at developing relationships around the Bible.
  • The house churches in the first century turned the world upside down. House churches are turning China, Asia, and the middle east upside down.
  • Cross Waves is bringing the house church model back to North America in a dynamic fashion.
  • We stream the Bible teaching into your home through Roku or Apple TV, so you don't have to teach, only host people in your home and facilitate discussions.

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We Are The New (Old) House Church Model

Jesus taught mainly in small group settings, at a dinner table, or around a fire. Not only that, He also put most of His time and energy into a small group of people.

Jesus did this because true transformation comes from a small group training where teaching is a dialogue, not just a monologue.

Our church mirrors the small group setting that Jesus used to train his disciples. Adults and teenagers are encouraged to be active learners, not passive listeners. And the host is not a trained pastor but a facilitator in leading you to become more like Christ.

With the help of technology, Cross Waves brings solid Bible teaching within the best context for relationship development, the home.

Because Today...Most Churches are Overburdened With Expensive Priorities and Overhead

The typical local church comes with several roadblocks to ministry:

Building requirements like mortgages, maintenance, and utilities eat up valuable budget. Because of these requirements, less money and time is allocated to serve others in need in the community and around the world.

Even worse, Biblical Teaching is restricted to only certain times and locations, which means there is often discomfort when it comes to visiting a new place surrounded by many new people.

And then on top of that, you have to work around the church’s schedule. Which means that your work, family, and church all have to compete for your time.

Yes, the local church does many good things. But for some of us, there's is a better way to gather...

Jesus commanded all of us to make disciples.

We believe the house church model is the best way to share Christ because Christianity is about relationships. 

Here’s How Cross Waves Does Church Differently


Streaming our services in your own home lets you gather any time, anywhere.

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Without a physical building, more of our offerings go towards ministry and changing lives.

Truly Unique

Each home is a unique representation of your community.

Pastor Is Not In The Room

While our Bible Talks are pastor-led, he is not in the room with you. Therefore, you can be the disciple-maker Jesus intends for you to be.

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