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Most people have never made a disciple. The Cross Waves Disciple-Making Process gives you a simple path to become a disciple-maker. Christians who use our process find it easier to help others become more like Christ.
Begin Here
You found Cross Waves because you want to be a disciple-maker. You are committed to following Christ and His command to make disciples. You want to see other people find the joy you have found in giving your life to Christ. You strive to become better at sharing your faith with others.
However, you feel that your efforts are not producing disciples in quantity nor quality as you had hoped. Maybe you share the same sentiment as this person that found Cross Waves Church:
 I have been extremely involved in traditional churches my entire life. My father is a pastor and many of my relatives are pastors and missionaries. As an adult, I have been a teacher, deacon, worship leader, young adult leader and a national board member of my denomination. I held most of these positions simultaneously. Most of the people I know think I left my traditional church for Cross Waves Church because I was “burned out”. That could not be further from the truth. I was very frustrated with the time and money we dumped into land and a building. After making the mortgage payment and paying for water, sewer, electricity, gas, lawn care, snow removal, building insurance, vehicle insurance, janitorial services and constant building repairs there was no money left for ministry. It just didn’t seem right to me. While I was struggling with this dilemma, this new kind of church (Cross Waves Church) solved the problems I had with most, not all, traditional churches. I jumped right in and I love my group and I look forward to it every week. I can’t even imagine going back to the “traditional” way of doing church. I am very excited about our outreach opportunities and I look forward to seeing thousands of people get closer to Jesus by studying, serving and sharing together. 
Do You Feel This Way? Be Honest:
  • Do you want to do more in making disciples than just inviting people to church?
  • Do you wonder why we do not make disciples like the early church? 
  • Do you wish to lead people in studying the Bible, serving others and sharing their faith? 
  • Do wonder why so many resources of Christians go towards purchase and upkeep of buildings, and not making disciples?
We Felt The Same Way
We love God and the traditional church. Most of our hosts found Christ in a traditional church, therefore, we will always have a fondness for the traditional church. However, we gradually discovered that the traditional church model does not make disciples well. Too much time teaching to a crowd and not enough time spent discipling in small group settings like Jesus did with his twelve disciples. Crowd teaching tends to build shallow Christians, however, deeper faith comes when someone personally models the teachings of Christ. 
We Found A Better Way
When we started Cross Waves, all of us wanted to see the church turn the world upside down like the New Testament church. But as we read through the New Testament, it was obvious that the early church does not resemble the traditional church as we see today. The early church grew because people said, "Follow me until you see Jesus." They opened their homes and their hearts to others.

We realized that we needed to go back to the first-century approach to discipleship for the twenty-first century. So we needed became disciple-makers ourselves instead of just inviting people to join in with a crowd at a gathering. We opened our homes like the early Christians did. We share our faith with people that are far from God. We live with a purpose to influence people to become more like Christ. We became an example to others on how to follow the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.
We Are Better Together
Cross Waves Church is a network of homes (we call HotSpots) that have banded together to make disciples. We all share the same passion to make disciples. 
  • Together, we train others how to open their home to be disciple-makers.
  • We help you with your time by offering a video Bible Lesson each week.
  • We provide tools and resources that allow you to concentrate on loving people. 
  • We manage offerings in compliance with IRS regulations with churches.
Let's Partner Together To Make Disciples
Sign up for our Disciple-Making Workshop and we will show you the process and all resources we give you to make disciples. If you have the passion of becoming a disciple-maker, we can show you 
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