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Most people have never made a disciple. The Cross Waves Disciple-Making Process gives you a simple path to become a disciple-maker. Christians who use our process find it easier to help others become more like Christ.
Why You Can Go To Church On Any Day That Ends In Y.
Sunday is not the only day you can have community.
Tim Steele
It has been reported that Americans work more than anyone in the industrialized world. On top of this, Americans work more hours and take fewer vacations than people in other industrialized countries. Because of this, people’s weekends have become very valuable to them, and many new believers have a hard time sharing their former “hobby filled” Sundays with church attendance. 
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At Cross Waves Church we do not compete with people’s weekends; most of our HotSpots (Groups that meet in homes) meet on weeknights. Yet the biggest criticism we get from some Christians is that we have church when it is most convenient for us, which is typically not on the weekends. Somehow, some people have it in their minds that going to church should be inconvenient because that shows how dedicated you are to the Lord. Our critic's view is that if you go to church when it is convenient, you obviously must not be serious about your relationship with Christ.
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