Clear Answers to Hard Questions
For nineteen weeks, you will receive a short video on hard questions concerning faith and religion.
Inside these videos you'll learn about:

What’s the Purpose of Pain?

Why Is There Suffering in My World?

From Where Did We Get The Sense Of Morality?

Who Decided What Went Into the Bible?

Who Is Jesus?

Where Did The Universe Come From?

Why Did You Let My Child Suffer?

Why Should I Read the Bible?

What Does the Bible Say About Itself?

Is the Bible True?

Who Wrote The Bible?

What Do Other Religions Believe?

What Do Hindus Believe?

What Do Muslims Believe?

Is Christianity Too Narrow?

Is There Any Proof I Can Touch?

How Is The Bible Different From All Other Books?

What About My Personal Experience?

What About All of the Errors in the Bible?

Get Your Clear Answers to Hard Questions 
Your teacher in this series is author and pastor, Dr. Hal Seed. This series was developed especially for Cross Waves Church.