How Do We Interpret Revelation?

Aug 13, 2023    Pastor Tim Steele

Dating the book of Revelation helps one understand its meaning, two approaches — before AD 70 and after AD 70. Dating the book of Revelation before AD 70 is about the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem as the conclusion of the old covenant and the establishment of the new covenant. Dating the book of Revelation after AD 70 is about the prophecies beginning at Revelation 4:1, portraying the remote future from John’s time.

My approach to Revelation is known generally as “preterism.” This view will be new for most of you raised in the church. This view of Revelation will differ for many of you who grew up in the church. Thank you for joining us at Cross Waves Church.

In this week’s joke, A woman awakes at night to find her husband is not in bed, so she goes downstairs. Look for him. He's sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, deep in thought, staring at the wall.


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