Our Story

How it all started...

Cross Waves Church was started by several Christians who were frustrated with the quality of disciples that were coming out of their churches. They felt that in an effort for the church to gather a crowd, the disciple-making process was suffering. People were attending church, but many were not applying the message to their lives. Knowing that application happens best within the context of community., these Christians began to rethink church. Reading the New Testament, the early church was connected relationally. Therefore, Cross Waves was a completely redesigned church that reflected the process of how the New Testament Church made disciples.

Realizing that meeting in homes like the first-century church did, intentionally kept the the number of people small. Also, when faith is shared over a meal, something happens to bond a community together. So this small band of Christians started a church that looked like the New Testament Church with a small technology addition, adding a video Bible curriculum to help in the teaching aspect of the church. When looking at the house church growth in the New Testament, China, and the middle east, the biggest issue has been doctrinal purity. Therefore, by delivering a Bible talk each week by seminary trained teachers, Cross Waves does not worry about incorrect beliefs being taught.

Expanding the vision...

Cross Waves Church is sparking a broad relational ministry movement multiplying out of small local gatherings. Cross Waves has Home Groups (we call HotSpots) from Alaska to the Florida Everglades. Because Cross Waves takes the best practices of the traditional church, internet church, and the house church, and combines them into a church that has an uncanny resemblance to the New Testament church, Cross Waves Church is growing and touching people's lives.

Cross Waves Church is real church for real people, based on community-building through authentic relationships. Cross Waves has sparked an organic movement of varied, intimate Home Group gatherings where the Gospel is studied, Christian relationships are formed, and communities are served together.

Cross Waves Church creates a comfortable environment to experience God and community where we emphasize evangelism, simplicity, convenience, and community, Cross Waves will continue to fan the flames to spark an organic movement of varied, intimate Home Group gatherings where the Gospel is studied, Christian relationships are formed, and communities are served together.

Where we are headed...

Now Cross Waves is helping people across North America to open up their homes and lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. This new alternative to traditional church is attracting people who want to know about the Bible, however, they do not want to go to church to learn what the Bible teaches. This new church model is so attractive that 70% of the people who attend were not attending a church before Cross Waves.

While Cross Waves continues to develop more home groups across North America, we are now expanding Cross Waves into different languages to reach different cultures. Our first language is Spanish as we reach more Hispanics for the Lord. We are looking for Hispanics that get the vision of Cross Waves and would like to help us in this endeavor.

After we launch Cross Waves in Spanish, we will then launch Cross Waves in Arabic. We are currently looking for personnel to head up this venture. 

Be a part of our story... wherever you are!