Meet The Studio Connection

Home of Cross Waves Church

Our New Headquarters

The Studio Connection is the home base for Cross Waves Church. The Studio Connection owns a debt-free facility where the Cross Waves Church weekly Bible Talks films before a live studio audience. In addition, this location hosts a Christian community that operates as a HotSpot for Cross Waves reaching its community for Christ.

The Studio Connection has a rich history that goes back to 1934. Back then, this Christian community served Christ as a traditional church in Detroit, MI, under the name of Antioch Baptist Church. Beginning in 1934 in Detroit, MI. Antioch Baptist was one of three churches that formed the Baptist State Convention of Michigan. Through the years, Antioch Baptist started the following churches in Michigan, Bethel Baptist Church, and Central Baptist Church; and in Alaska, the Juneau Alaska Church.

Antioch Baptist Church had always been a community that loved studying the Scriptures, serving others, and sharing their faith. Therefore, it was easy for them to join hands with Cross Waves Church in ministry and change their name to The Studio Connection.

If you enjoy watching the weekly Bible Talks of Cross Waves Church, you will enjoy them even more, live in the studio as we film them each week. What is not seen on the cameras each week is that Pastor Tim takes questions from the studio audience concerning that week's topics.

Join Us Live In Studio

27550 Groveland Street
Roseville, MI 48066

Wednesday Dinner
at 6:15 PM

Wednesday Live Taping
at 7:15 PM

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