We are a church that meets in the home.

We give you the knowledge, resources, and structure to share your faith with your family and friends in your own home.

Ever feel like church was meant to be more than a building?

If you're a growth-minded Christian who values community with others, you probably feel like the church should be more than a meeting on Sundays or watching a service online.

You also probably want to see your friends and family come to know Jesus, but bringing them to church doesn't feel comfortable and starting those life-changing situations seems daunting.

That's okay.

We're here to equip you become the disciple-maker God's called you to be. We'll show how you can have church in your own home where you can share your faith and serve others together, just like the first churches in the Bible did.
- The Nava Family
Houston, Texas Hosts

"We just couldn't find a church for our family...

"We just couldn't find a church for our family...

It was hard enough moving to a new city, finding a new church home was the hardest part. Local churches around us didn't focus on discipling like our previous church did. We were surrounded by small 'old-school' churches and large crowded churches where you couldn't even talk to the pastor. After visiting so many we just didn't feel God's calling to any of them. I felt like we were going to have to settle and not have a church home we were confident in being a part of. 

After hearing about Cross Waves Church and watching the training, we decided to start a Cross Waves HotSpot in our home. Not only did we get solid Biblical teaching, we also had resources to dive deeper every week and share our faith in our home. Plus, I can actually call and talk with Pastor Tim! The teaching is understandable and the conversations are meaningful. I can't wait to see what God does next!"

We Make It Easy To Have Church In Your Home:

Schedule A Call

We take the time to answer all your questions and get to know each other. Or if you’re ready to get started now, you can jump right into the training.

Complete The Training

Take our online training made up of interactive, short videos. You can complete it in an afternoon or at your own pace.

Launch Your HotSpot

We want to serve you through the entire process of making disciples. Start with your family and friends at your home and then begin to invite others as you feel comfortable.

We Give You Every Tool and Support Along The Way

What if I don't know enough to teach the Bible?

That's okay, we provide the Bible teaching through video from seminary-trained pastors.

What if I don't have time to prepare a weekly lesson?

We get it, and we don't expect you to prepare a lesson. We do all the teaching, all you have to do is facilitate a discussion.

What if I'm not good with technology?

We've got you covered. It's extremely easy to put Cross Waves Church media on your TV with our app on ROKU and AppleTV.

What if I don't know how to play an instrument or sing?

No worries! We provide music and lyrics each week for your group to worship along with.

What about local missions and community service?

We work with you and show you how to best serve your community. Also, much of the money contributed from your HotSpot stays in your account to use within your community to serve others.

What if I don't know anyone that will come to my home?

Many of our groups start with just their family and friends. We will give you support along with media to use to help you invite others to your home.

What about my kids?

We provide each parent video curriculum to support you in teaching your kids Biblical truths in a fun and entertaining way. And when it comes to HotSpot time, some groups provide a babysitter for the children, and others have the kids safely entertain themselves. And if you want your kids to join you, our Bible Talks are even safe for the kids to watch with mom or dad.

Watch Our Latest Bible Talk

See what a Cross Waves service looks like.

Hear From Our Family:

"We don't deal with issues about getting the grass cut...or what color is the carpet, or paying the eclectic bill. There is just no politics, we just deal with the Gospel.

I love Cross Waves because it is simple.

I love how we deal with offerings at Cross Waves. Our funds don't go for maintenance of a building, I know my offerings are going into ministry.
- Josh
"I'm able to hear the Word of God surrounded by others that are following the right path in life.

I like Cross Waves because it feels like home and I'm with family.

I'm able to have an intellectual conversation about anything without the worries of being judged.
- Jazz
"It may sound weird when you say come to my house to go to church, but all the people coming to our home were not going to church anywhere before coming to our weekly study. And we didn't have to do anything but make a meal.

I love the authenticity of the people that are part of our Hotspot.

We did our homework and really checked out Cross Waves Church, and loved the emphasis on the Bible and a mission to reach people for Christ.
- Heather

If you haven't found what you're looking for when it comes to a church for your family...

we make it easy to have church in your own home even if you've never tried it before.