What To Expect

So you've been invited to someone's home for a Cross Waves meeting

The first question we always get is, "Are you a cult?" No, we are not, however, that is a good question and we understand why people ask it. A church that meets in a home does seem weird. 
People who attend Cross Waves home groups are typically very practical and value relationships. They are people who understand that when you put money into a church facility mortgage, less money goes towards ministry. Cross Waves is a multi-site church that uses homes instead of church buildings. Even though we use homes we still have the same mission as other Christians that serve the Lord in a traditional church setting, which is to become more like Christ. 
Cross Waves Church is a place where people can meet Jesus, engage in life-giving community, and everyone is welcome. We believe in creating an atmosphere where people can have authentic encounters with others, and most importantly Christ.

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What To Expect

A typical Cross Waves HotSpot will last about 120 minutes including the meal. We sing a  mix of contemporary and traditional music that is led by our video worship team. Dress is very casual. You will watch a short Bible talk, and then as a group you will discuss questions that reflect the Bible passage. No previous Bible knowledge or church experience required.

Now We're Blushing...


"Cross Waves is the greatest church organization that I've ever come across. It is a family atmosphere, very relational, and our offerings go to ministry and not to a building that we really don't need. I love my church family, I did not know I had such a large family!"


"I love the relationships that I've developed, and the great food that we eat together. I love the teaching that I get each week at Cross Waves Church. I'm learning more here than any other Christian experience I've ever encountered. I feel like I’m finally learning what the Bible says for the first time in my life. I really enjoy studying God's Word."


"I like meeting in a home. Cross Waves is so different and it works. People come to church who would never go to church on Sunday morning.
I would recommend Cross Waves to anyone: from those that have attended church their entire lives or are hearing about Christ for the first time."


"Since my husband and I began to attend Cross Waves Church, we have seen our relationships with Christ grow, as individuals and as a couple. The element that I love most about Cross Waves is the aspect of a small group. Meeting in homes allows for deep conversations and fellowship as well as discussing personal struggles and triumphs. Pastor Tim Steele challenges us on a weekly basis to dive into God’s Word, serve those that cross our paths and share what God has done in our lives." 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Cross Waves Church different?

Meeting in homes allows Cross Waves to be more cost effective. The majority of the contributions to Cross Waves go to ministry, not to pay for mortgages or for building upkeep. Cross Waves Church gives a higher percentage of its offerings to missions and community service this way. Each Home Group (we call them HotSpots), has money set aside from its contributions to use within their community as it chooses.

We make church simple again. Each weekly get-together is centered on a meal and a Bible study, just like the New Testament church. After a short Bible message each week, each HotSpot discusses questions together from that week’s message. No big productions; just a meal and the Bible.

What are the core values of Cross Waves Church?

Here are the three core values of Cross Waves:
• Discipleship happens best through relationships. We Study the Bible to learn and understand what God desires for us.

• Ministry happens best through teams. We Serve Others to mirror the behavior of Christ as He walked among humanity.

• Resources should go towards people and not places. We Share our financial resources to send teams to reach others with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our financial resources are set aside to minister, not pay for mortgages.

Why do many of your Home Groups not meet on Weekends?

These Cross Waves groups (HotSpots) keep your weekends free. Most Cross Waves Church weekly HotSpots meet on a weeknight, so your weekends are free to do whatever you would like.

It does not matter biblically when you go to church. Cross Waves Church looks for opportunities to help people connect to God when it more convenient in their schedule. Practically, this means many believers will choose to worship together with others during the week, in turn freeing up their weekends. This allows their weekends to be open for serving projects of acts of kindness, strengthening relationships with family and friends, and enjoying true rest.

What do you do with children?

At Cross Waves , we believe it is the parent's responsibility to share their faith with their children. This based on the principles taught in Deuteronomy 6:5-7.

Today, the responsibility to teach children about Christ has been altered to the point that most parents rely on the church to be the primary influence for their children to find God. Sunday School teachers and children pastors have replaced the parent as the spiritual leader for their children. Such ministries didn’t exist for the first 1900 years of Christianity. Cross Waves Church replaces the traditional Sunday School with parents directly teaching their children Bible themes. Cross Waves provides video curriculum for parents to use with their children.

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