What Is The Difference Between A Disciple And An Apostle?

Apr 28, 2024    Pastor Tim Steele

Large crowds kept flocking to Jesus (3:7–9, 20; 4:1). The Pharisees and the Herodians wanted Him killed, but the people were crazy about Him. Jesus has withdrawn, hoping for some quiet time with His disciples. We often picture Jesus sitting under a tree in beautiful green grass with white fluffy sheep in the background and children in His lap. But this idyllic vision is a myth! The reality of His public ministry is more often mayhem and bedlam. Here, the press of the crowd is so great that He asked for a getaway boat! Jesus took three steps to manage his ministry's demands and pressures. We will examine these steps this week, and while studying them, we will see how Jesus chose His apostles. Thank you for joining us at Cross Waves Church.

In this week’s joke, Moses, Jesus, and an elderly-looking gentleman are playing golf together. 


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